Coast Guard issues final permit needed for regatta

August 8, 2018

LAUGHLIN — The United States Coast Guard has given final approval for the Laughlin River Regatta to proceed as planned on Saturday.

“I am pleased to get the final approval, but never doubted that we would receive it,” said Anthony Marnell, III, owner of the Colorado Belle and Edgewater resorts. “We have been working very hard to make sure this float is a safe, fun and environmentally responsible event.”

A variety of changes have been made to the Regatta to make it a safe, fun and better experience for the participants and community, according to the release.

Registered participants will receive entry into the float event, food and beverage discounts, free transportation to the event in climate controlled motor coaches, a free boxed lunch at the event conclusion, entry to the official after-party with live entertainment and more.

The event is limited to 22,000 entrants this year, reducing the overall volume of people impacting the Colorado River.

Flotation devices will be limited in size, and all participants will be required to dispose of their floats at the end of the event. Participants will be provided trash bags for their use during the float.

Teams of workers will clean up launch sites and the landing zone and divers will scour the river bottom to pull up debris after the event.

Marnell will host additional river cleanups later in the year.

A total of $100,000 annually has been pledged by Marnell to improve and maintain cleanliness of the river, river banks and islands. This program began with three clean-ups involving volunteers from various organizations. To date, 3.25 tons of trash have been removed from the river environs, and the volunteer groups have shared $16,000 in donations to their groups for participation in the clean-up efforts.

“We are dedicated to being a responsible community partner and fostering a culture of service that benefits where we live” said Ryan C. Walker, Colorado Belle and Edgewater senior vice president and general manager. “Marnell Gaming is proud to be an involved partner in the community and is committed to hosting a ‘Safe, Fun & Clean Regatta.’ ”

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