University A House Of Bigotry And Hate

October 6, 2018

Editor: Clarks Summit University, formerly Baptist Bible College refused to allow a gay man to finish the degree he was two classes away from. The community now has the smallest glimpse of your bigotry and hate. I myself am a queer person who lived on your campus. I sat in your classes and walked through Jackson Hall. My father is a professor at your seminary, and is now in a leadership role there as well. During my time on campus, my older sister served on the Student Leadership; my mother was an administrative assistant. At the time, I was trying very hard to be the good evangelical boy. But I’m not a man. Or a woman. I am non-binary, something you do not recognize. The action you have taken with Mr. Campbell does not surprise me. In many ways, I have been waiting for a situation like this since I walked off your campus. It was on your campus where I was exposed to the Alliance Defending Freedom, a known hate group who believes that queer people are trying to erode the moral underpinnings of this country and thus try to persecute queer and trans people every chance they get. It was on your campus where I was told that my anxiety was caused by “sin” or “not trusting God” and listening to secular music, by a counseling professor. The despicable way you have treated Mr. Campbell is evident of the way you hold anyone who is not a straight, cisgendered man in contempt. You are house of bigotry and hate. For a place that claims that “Christ is at the center” of what you do, you act as if you have never read His words. I do not believe Christ has ever even been present on your campus. Ky McGinniss DUNMORE

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