Drivers must follow rules of the road -- Jerome Joyce

December 17, 2018

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You are driving along in the center lane and approach a vehicle sitting at a red traffic light. Its brake lights are on, but the turn signal is not. Eventually the light turns green, but does the vehicle proceed through the intersection? No. Instead the left turn signal comes on.

There you sit. You can’t go forward, and by this time traffic has piled up behind you so you can’t go around either. Your only choices are to wait until the vehicle in front of you completes its turn or wait until the traffic behind you has cleared so you can go around. Chances are the light will turn red again before you can move.

By this time you have reached the boiling point.

The Wisconsin Motorists Handbook says a motorist should turn their signal on at least 100 feet prior to reaching the intersection. The obvious solution to the problem is for patrol officers to warn or ticket offending drivers. But given the lack of resources, that is unlikely.

So the solution lies in each and every driver’s willingness to drive safely and courteously and, above all, obey the rules of the road. Failing that, it is incumbent on the the rest of us to use the tools at our disposal, such as blowing our horns repeatedly and loudly to educate these careless drivers.

Jerome Joyce, Madison

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