Orchids and Onions: Wednesday, November 14, 2018

November 14, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the Management and staff at Michael Alan Furniture for hosting a really nice customer appreciation event on Friday evening. The music was wonderful and the food was delicious. A special evening. Thanks!

Onions to our real estate agent. You sell us a home claiming the neighbors are great people. After closing we find out one couple likes to swing. What’s our recourse? We’re on a fixed income so selling and moving is out of the question. I believe you should build us a wall out of your commission!

Orchids to New World Landscaping’s William and Syracuse for the tremendous job removing the two nasty cacti. On time and efficient T-J.

Orchids for Titan Gym. I have been going there about three years and I can’t be any happier and content anywhere else. They have so much to offer and are very caring in providing the right equipment or class to attend. It’s the best gym in town. Thank you. YS

Orchids to all the employees at Walgreens. Walgreens has the nicest, most friendly and helpful employees. Billie thank you so much for all the fun we had in creating our X-mas cards. You were so great in completing our task in the design of our X-mas cards. Many thanks! YS and Trouble!

Onions to firefighter groups. The tweet on forest mismanagement is not on their shoulders. It’s the folks who have relentlessly sought to prevent keeping forests properly cleaned out of the deadwood! Many of those folks run CA. Wish everyone would get thicker skin and quit whining!

Orchids to Avatar Technology! Deception Detection would be of great help before and after an election.

Orchids to HRMC’s ER facility and care givers: Dr. Brian Scott, NP Darren Johnson and Nurses Donna and Chris. Each addressed all my concerns with kindness and compassion. I wasn’t going to die after all…at least on that Sunday.

Onions to the big box store that runs out of many items every fall/winter when the winter visitors arrive. You know they are coming so please stock up. Other stores in your chain in Arizona are not out. We are tired of driving the distance to your store to see empty shelves.

Orchids to Wayne at Legrand Plumbing. Pleasant and Knowledgeable great company. Rick and Sandee

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