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Canada PM Trudeau calls Trump’s rhetoric ignorant

December 16, 2015

TORONTO (AP) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday U.S. presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s rhetoric on Muslims is ignorant and irresponsible.

Trudeau said painting the Islamic State Group with a broad brush that extends to all Muslims “is not just ignorant, it’s irresponsible.”

Trump has called for a temporary ban of Muslims from entering the U.S. in the wake of attacks in Paris and California.

Trudeau said it’s important not to interfere in the election of another country and said it’s important for Canada’s prime minister to have a relationship with whomever Americans elect but when asked about Trump at a town hall he said he stands firmly against the politics of fear, division, intolerance and hateful rhetoric.

Trudeau said scaring people doesn’t make them safer. He also noted he had a strong stance against the previous Conservative government’s use of identity politics in Canada. Trudeau’s Liberal party defeated former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative party in the October election.

“At this time when there is reason to be concerned for security around the world and here at home, we need to remain focused on keeping our communities safe and keeping our communities united instead of trying to build walls and scapegoat communities,” Trudeau said.

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