Rockmart Council has light session for March as city prepares for little league’s start

March 17, 2019

The Rockmart Council breezed through their latest meeting with only a few administrative items to vote on, but locals will be glad to hear the group formally agreed to make budget adjustments to better meet public safety needs.

The exact amended numbers were not specified, but the Public Safety Department is responsible for everything from law enforcement to vehicle regulation. More funds being attributed to the department could mean additional police officers, safety equipment, and much more.

With little other business during the March 12 meeting, the group offered reports on upcoming events and plans.

“Tomorrow, we will be pouring concrete over at the rec field as part of our restroom expansion,” City Manager Jeff Ellis said during their March 12 session. “The weather’s supposed to hold tomorrow (Wednesday, March 13), and they’re supposed to be there first thing in the morning to pour that concrete.”

After pouring, Ellis reported that only a few tasks such as painting the exterior will be left until the job is finished.

“We just hope the weather will co-operate so we can get that building painted before the actual season begins,” Ellis said.

Council member Sherman Ross also offered some updates with Rethink Rockmart — a local group dedicated to revitalization projects and housing issues that he helped found — and announced they would be meeting again at the end of March.

“Since our last meeting, our Rethink Rockmart committee sent a group out on a retreat for our revitalization program,” Ross shared. “We’ve come up with a plan to more consistently press the Abandoned Property Ordinance and hopefully taking some very negative situations to our Municipal Court.”

The group will meet again on the last Thursday of the month, March 28, and plans for their spring clean-up day are underway.

Those interested in attending Rockmart meetings can visit city hall on the second Tuesday of each month beginning at 7 p.m.