Best hopes for O’Toole’s

August 11, 2018

I was saddened to read the Aug. 5 front page article about O’Toole’s Pub potentially closing in October. One of the first places my family and I visited for food after moving to Roseburg was this cozy traditional bar and eatery. The intimate atmosphere inside is so unique and hard to replicate.

The proprietors are right: The building and its distinct shape help make the place what it is. When friends stop in from out of town, we always stop at O’Toole’s for a Scotch Egg. A good Navy buddy of mine from Seattle marveled at the selection and the welcoming attitude of the staff. We’ve attended numerous trivia events there, often raising money for charity in the process.

I hope they are successful in finding a new home for O’Toole’s. The hole they leave behind in downtown Roseburg will certainly be a hard one to fill.

Brady McNulty


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