Colleen Collins: Democrats aren’t at fault

January 15, 2019

Editor: Trump said at a meeting with Pelosi and Schumer, “I will own the shutdown.” He said that just so he can get his wall. Now he is blaming Pelosi and Schumer as if they were to blame. One of the principal US border officers told Trump that the wall would be ineffective because they dig tunnels under the walls or find new means to overcome any inflexible ridged obstacle. Everyone wants legitimate and effective border security but let’s use smart science and technology to accomplish that goal. Let’s upgrade our legal ports of entry with the tools and staffing they need. Let’s be smart on how we spend our limited resources. To constantly say that the Democrats are at fault is over the top. When are you going to hold Trump responsible for his ineptness, his lack of knowledge of the Rule of the Law and his lack of knowledge of the true nature and extent of national security?

Colleen Collins

Lake Havasu City

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