Stan Gudmundson: The left simply refuses to be governed

October 11, 2018

Stan Gudmundson

Civilization is a thin and fragile veneer that separates humanity from brutal barbarism. A critical component in our democracy is that people must be willing to be governed by those they support as well as by those they do not support. Without that, a civil society is impossible.

When a party isn’t in power, it is their obligation to provide better ideas and alternatives to those of the party in power. That isn’t happening today. We have instead something very radical and dangerous. It has the potential to be even more ominous.

That is, the left today, in its hatred and enmity, simply refuses to be governed.

They refuse to be governed by the constitution, the very basis of our society. The idea that the constitution is inadequate, written by old-dead-white guys, goes back a long way. Consequently, the left has been using the judiciary to mandate what Americans don’t want or support. And Obama used executive orders. But to blow off its provisions in a wholesale manner as the left is doing today is something else again.

That is revealed by a double standard in the application of the law. One set of standards, or no standards at all, for Democrats and, in some cases, for high government officials, and another for the common folk; especially Republicans.

Trump was elected according to the rules. Many on the left however, refuse to accept that. Even some unelected government officials don’t. Worst of all, some have committed treasonous or seditious acts to get rid of a president they don’t want to be governed by.

The fantasy of Russians colluding to get Trump elected is far more important to the left than the actual criminality of many Democrats. A fantasy based on a concoction created, bought, and paid for by Democrats, it serves their purpose of being ungovernable. That’s also why the Mueller investigation started and still continues.

The left has gone so far as to move to impeach Trump. The cause for and rules/laws governing that? Irrelevant to those who refuse to be governed. And now, the unruly and unethical treatment of a Supreme Court nominee.

California and local jurisdictions have declared themselves to be sanctuaries for illegal aliens. They have also refused to cooperate with federal officials enforcing our immigration laws; another refusal to be governed.

In addition, many of Trump’s opponents use extraordinarily foul and vile language about him and those of us who support him. Trump officials and Republicans are driven out of public places where all ought to be welcome and safe. Leftists have committed hundreds of assaults on Trump supporters.

Is that all? Not by a long shot. The left uses the power of government and its unlimited resources to destroy lives and bankrupt people. They set traps to create process crimes, and, then coerce guilty pleas. The “guilty’s real crime?” Association with a president they hate. General Flynn for example.

Besides revolt and rebellion, leftists do not have any substantial causes anymore, like genuine racism. Consequently, leftist enmity and animosity and their refusal to be governed is, in large measure, a result of the its slide into increasing obsolescence. It’s absurd that, 18 years into the 21st century, this kind of hostility for those who have taken power and resistance to governance has surfaced.

More incredible is that this angry defiance is intensely supported in places where one wouldn’t think it would be possible to exist; i.e. in our education system and mainstream media. Hollywood is another story.

Amazingly, none of this has anything to do with IQ or education level. This disconnect is worst at our most prestigious institutions. At Brown University for example, radical, socialist, and far-left professors out-number conservatives by sixty to one. The ratios are not as skewed in other Ivy League institutions, but they too are totally unbalanced. As they are throughout the education system. Proof is manifested by the appalling ignorance and strange beliefs of our younger people.

One of the greatest examples is the success of the market system (capitalism) and today’s bizarre and illogical attraction to and support for socialism. Despite its long history of misery and abject failure.

Remarkably, there is zero correlation between intelligence and the ability to understand reality and draw rationale conclusions. As French polymath and psychologist Gustave Le Bon observed in a 1913 book, “When any question gives rise to violently contradictory opinions we may be sure it belongs to the province of beliefs and not to that of knowledge.”

When people decide which rules and laws to abide by and which they will not, we are in serious trouble. The scariest part? History tells us that the hatred creating the enmity between our two major parties is transformative.

It compounds, magnifies, and worsens.

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