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Treaty Anniversary Marked With Vow Of Strength

May 15, 1985

MOSCOW (AP) _ The Soviet Union marked the 30th anniversary of the Warsaw Pact on Tuesday with a vow to mantain the strength of the military alliance.

The pact, which took effect on May 15, 1955, was extended last month for 20 years. Meeting in Poland, the leaders of the alliance’s member nations also agreed to an automatic 10-year extension beyond that.

Communist Party Secretary Konstantin Rusakov, addressing an anniversary ceremony in Moscow, said the treaty ″has indisputably played a tremendous role in making sure that the chronology of peace, started on May 9, 1945, has now continued in Europe for four decades and that the world ... has been preserved.″

Rusakov, in an English-language text distributed by the official news agency Tass, repeated oft-stated Kremlin contentions that the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization forced the Soviet-led allies to create their own military bloc.

″As long as the NATO military bloc exists and the threat to European and universal peace stays put, we shall continue to enhance the defensive alliance of socialist countries. We shall continue to adopt every necessary measure, proceeding from the extent of the threat of imperialism, to make certain that our collective security always remains at the proper level,″ he said.

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