Pirates choice for roadtrip traveling apparel? Full NBA uniforms

August 12, 2018
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Pirates pitchers Jameson Taillon and Chad Kuhl walk to the team bus after a game against the Cardinals Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018, at PNC Park.

Josh Harrison’s hair was braided appropriately, complete with a headband around his forehead. His right arm had a full spandex-style sleeve; his left arm just a black compression around his elbow. His high-top sneakers and socks? Fully black.

For the Pirates’ apparel theme for their trip to Denver on Sunday night, Harrison’s outfit was more than just the No. 3 Sixers jersey and accompanying throwback shorts.

Harrison went full-on, in character, Allen Iverson.

“Anything I do,” Harrison said, “I do it all out.”

If there was a prize given among the team for best NBA-themed uniform/costume, Harrison’s Iverson likely would have competed with Jameson Taillon’s old-school throw-back Hakeem Olajuwon as best-in-show. A Texas native, Taillon chose an early-1990′s style Rockets uniform, complete with white shoes and mid-range white socks.

Taillon went around asking teammates if he looked “geeky” enough.

“I need some kneepads!” he said once.

The lighthearted travel dress code was a nice pick-me-up for a Pirates team that lost its series at PNC Park over the weekend and has lost six of 10 overall since having an 11-game winning streak snapped.

Other jerseys worn (some included shorts, others did not): Joe Musgrove in a Dikembe Mutombo throwback, Gregory Polanco as Kevin Garnett with the Celtics, Oklahoma native Jordy Mercer in a Russell Westbrook Thunder jersey and shorts, Trevor Williams as the Rockets’ James Harden, Felipe Vazquez in a full Bulls’ Scottie Pippen ensemble, Jose Osuna in a Steph Curry jersey and shorts (circa earlier this decade), and newly-acquired Chris Archer wearing a WNBA jersey.

And since every hoops games needs officials, Ivan Nova and David Freese wore referee uniforms. Nova went around blowing his whistle, urging others to pack up and leave.

Many - if not all - other players, coaches and staff participated, wearing jerseys of real and fictional pro basketball teams.

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