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Texans Save Face In Messy War

September 27, 1987

TWIN LAKES, Colo. (AP) _ The Lone Star State got a face-savimg boost Sunday when eight Texans showed pluck and verve in the final toss-off of the Sixth Annual Colorado-Texas Tomato War.

Still, it didn’t really make up for the destruction visited upon the Texans by their Colorado hosts Saturday during the all-out tomato war. In that campaign, 300 Coloradans routed 50 Texans, who made their last stand at a bunker called Tom-Alamo.

Sunday’s action pitted survivors of the conflict, defined as anyone with a clean shirt from Saturday’s splattered salsa, in a messy contest that ended when one warrior was left.

He was Anthony Aiello, 32, of Minturn, Colo., whose Sundance Saloon team won a second straight title in the tomato wars.

Sundance used a novel strategy. He teamed up with the few surviving Texans and the Ungodless Horde from Longmont. The strange alliance held off soldiers from more than 25 other teams, with Aiello surviving at the end to claim the team title for his Vail-area teammates.

″We got the Texans with us because they are always the underdog and we’re always with the underdogs,″ he said.

As the cries of ″Get ’em,″ ″You’re dead,″ and ″Die, Texan, die,″ dominated the battle, the natural carpet of gold aspen leaves became littered with splattered tomatoes.

The peacenik forces, a Denver group calling itself the ″Society for the Preservation of Overripe Tomatoes,″ kept up its chants as its raided the arsenal of the competing forces.

″Hell, no, we won’t throw,″ they shouted.

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