Why Philadelphia’s Suburban Station is in the heart of the city

July 30, 2018

By Staff

In late September, 1930, Lit Brothers was having a sale. Shoppers could arrive to to the store at Eighth and Market streets and buy a 10 piece bedroom furniture set for $59 or a printed dress for $1.87. Across the street, Gimbels was having it’s 88th anniversary sale. Women could buy “Paris-styled leather handbags” for $2.69 or a 14 karat white gold wrist watch for $24.74.

While these deals were temporary and those department stores no longer exist, a much more permanent addition to Philadelphia was about to be unveiled. On Sept. 28, 1930 the brand new Broad Street Suburban Station opened at 16th Street and Pennsylvania Boulevard, now known as John F. Kennedy Boulevard.

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