Our Views: Let’s honor young leaders who offer promise of bright future

September 27, 2018

Thursday’s edition of this newspaper will contain a special edition saluting the achievements and the future promise of a select group of young Lake Havasu City leaders. It’s worth a bit of attention because it helps to show that this city’s best days are still ahead.

For the third year, the Under 40 edition highlights 30 younger people. Their accomplishments are significant on their own. Yet they also represent a larger peer group that will set and steer the course of this city and beyond for decades to come.

Virtually everyone is aware of the demographic challenges facing the nation as a whole. The Baby Boomer generation is huge but is retiring. The following generations are smaller, leaving a smaller skilledwork force and a smaller group of leaders to fill the void.

The challenge is more acute in rural areas and Havasu is no exception. This community, though, is different in that it recognizes the issue and is working to assure younger, skilled, educated people are attracted to the area and remain in the area.

Vision 20/20, the award-winning economic development program in this city, puts a strong emphasis on future education and leadership. The Under 40 section aims to provide a key piece of that emphasis through recognition of young leaders and by maintaining community awareness that the future depends on those to whom the batons are passed.

The Partnership for Economic Development is an important partner to the newspaper in celebrating what it calls the Bright Future initiative. PED is sponsoring the unique recognition awards to be given to the honorees at a celebration next week.

In three years, Under 40 has highlighted the stories of more than 90 young community leaders, replacing a loose concept of future leadership with real people and real accomplishments. One, for example, is the incoming mayor of the city.

We hope readers find the edition’s articles and photos interesting by themselves and also allow themselves to consider the strength of community these young leaders represent.

— Today’s News-Herald

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