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‘Mata Hari of Udine’ Arrested for Tales of Coups

October 29, 1993

ROME (AP) _ Donatella Di Rosa’s tales of intrigue and plots to overthrow the government, which shook up the highest levels of the army, came back to haunt her Thursday.

Di Rosa was arrested for making false charges with subversive intent, news reports said. She and her husband, Lt. Col. Aldo Michittu, who live outside the northern city of Udine, were taken to prison for questioning.

Michittu, who publicly supported her statements, was accused of complicity. Di Rosa has dominated headlines with stories of generals involved in right- wing coup attempts and arms trafficking.

Her charges helped prompt a rare meeting of the nation’s political and military leaders. They also led to the suspension of a respected general and the dismissal of his superior. Army chief of staff Goffredo Canino quit in protest last week over the superior’s firing.

Di Rosa, 34, nicknamed the ″Mata Hari of Udine,″ lost credibility last week when authorities in Spain found the body of a right-wing terrorist, Gianni Nardi, said to have died in a car crash in 1976. She had claimed to have seen him numerous times in recent years.

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