There are already Browns Rally Possum T-shirts because, well, of course

September 21, 2018

There are already Browns Rally Possum T-shirts because, well, of course

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Browns ended their 635-day losing streak on the same night that a possum was caught roaming the stands at FirstEnergy Stadium.


Probably, but that’s not stopping fans from taking any chances and anointing the critter as the team’s good luck rally possum.

In fact, this being Cleveland where it didn’t happen until we put it on a shirt, there are at least two T-shirt companies already selling rally possum merch.

Jack Apparel’s shirt features an outline of the marsupial, colored in with orange and helmet stripes. The shirt is available in men’s and women’s for $25, or with long sleeves for $28. A hoodie costs $32.

There is already Browns Rally Possum merch because of there is https://t.co/QWmLhOyGLX— joey morona (@joeyjoe) September 21, 2018

RotoWorld’s version has a stock photo of a random possum with the words “Cleveland Rally Possum” around it. The shirt is available in four colors for $24.

Cleveland Rally Possum! #Browns available only at:https://t.co/KQgOWRMMRK pic.twitter.com/e39Nvhfi8r— RotoWear (@RotoWear) September 21, 2018

No word if the marsupial, whose night ended early after a fan caught it by the tail and put it in a box, will receive a cut of the proceeds. But wherever you are, Rally Possum, thank you.

You too, Baker Mayfield.

Nbd, just a Browns fan catching a possum tonight at the stadium pic.twitter.com/MxMWFWh4jS— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 21, 2018

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