Post-election edition one to be proud of

November 9, 2018

The edition of the Daily News that is published the day after an election takes place — like this particular edition — is always one that I’m particularly pleased with

I look at the six pages of election-related information that is part of today’s Daily News — along with the other important news of the day — and I realize how much work and what a team effort went into getting it published in a short period of time.

But I’m also proud of the Daily News’ online and social media efforts that were particularly cranked up and busy throughout Election Day and then hit an even higher gear after the polls closed at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

And that doesn’t even count the 20-plus election preview stories and six Commentary page editorials that were published leading up to Nov. 6.

Plus, the editorial on today’s page that provides some initial reaction to the results from Tuesday’s election.

This is the kind of public service journalism that readers of the Daily News have come to expect, and that we’re pleased to provide.

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that when an idea for a big, new project surfaces at the Daily News, I always hope that it takes place in an odd-numbered year. Without election coverage to worry about in the spring and fall in those years, there’s much more time to tackle something new.

Who all was involved in the newsroom’s election-related efforts?

Just about everyone.

Jerry Guenther was the person behind the two pages of county-by-county voting results in today’s paper. Tim Pearson designed and created the attractive page 1 design. Grace Peterson, Lizz Cornett, Angela Henery and Lindsay Olsen lent their design and editing talents to other pages in today’s Daily News.

Ashley Gracey, among other things, coordinated social media efforts on election night and worked with me as I posted a series of election result stories after the polls closed.

Dennis Meyer created the website page where all election-related stories could be found leading up to Tuesday’s voting.

Photographers Darin Epperly and Jake Wragge were responsible for the variety of election-related photos seen online and in today’s edition, as well as Tuesday’s Daily News.

Then there were all the staff writers who provided the bulk of the content — Kathryn Harris, Sheryl Schmeckpeper, Emily Case, Nick Gebhart, Andrea Larson and Joseph Lovercheck.

Who’s left?

Basically, the sports department because the Nebraska School Activities Association — in what I think is a questionable decision — continues to schedule football playoff games the night of Election Day. So, they were kept very busy, too — just not with election-related responsibilities.

I hope Daily News readers enjoy today’s edition of the newspaper and what is posted and available online. Please know that it represents a huge amount of work and effort — which we are more than happy to provide.

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