Beatrice public library to hold book sale

February 21, 2019

The Beatrice Public Library is having their first book sale of the year this Saturday and Sunday.

“We usually do one every February, it’s sort of a ‘Love Your Library,’ and it clears things out,” said library manager Laureen Riedesel

Riedesel said the books that are for sale are either duplicates of ones they have, or they’ve been donated to the library with marks in them.

“We’re in a continuous stage, so as we add we’re weeding out other books, like with everything else, the old gives way for the new,” Riedesel said.

Riedesel said she also goes through overcrowded sections of the library and sells books that haven’t been checked out in a while.

The sale will be during regular library hours, and will be held in the the Sargent conference room.

Riedesel said the proceeds from the sale will go towards replacing something in the library’s collection.

“We just use it for other books or other items that we need that have worn out and it’s time for another one,” Riedesel said.

The library has book sales four times a year. They also sell books for 25 cents inside the library entrance every day.