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Dolphin at Shedd loses calf 3 months before expected birth

August 2, 2019

CHICAGO (AP) — A dolphin at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium has lost its calf three months before the calf was expected to be born.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Pacific white-sided dolphin named Piquet lost the developing calf this week after the “premature rupture of the dolphin’s Fetal membrane.” In common language, that means the pregnant dolphin’s water broke early.

The 31-year-old dolphin has given birth before and the aquarium says there were no signs of trouble during the 10 previous months of close monitoring. The aquarium says that Piquet is doing “okay” and is eating, swimming with another female dolphin and interactive with its caregivers. The aquarium says tests will be conducted in the hopes of determining why the membrane ruptured so early in the pregnancy..

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