New document shows Brett Kavanaugh wanted to grill Bill Clinton over sexual details of affair

August 20, 2018

In 1998, Brett Kavanaugh argued against “going easy” on then-President Clinton and pitched several questions aimed at exposing intimate details of the president’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, according to adocument released Monday.

“It may not be our job to impose sanctions on him, but it is our job to make his pattern of revolting behavior clear piece by painful piece on Monday,” Mr. Kavanaugh wrote.

The full document was released by the national archives on Monday, after The Washington Post filed a FOIA request.

The memo came just a few days before Mr. Clinton testified in front of Congress. Mr. Kavanaugh worked on Kenneth Starr’s investigation into Mr. Clinton.

Mr. Kavnaugh railed against Mr. Clinton’s behavior and thought it would be “abhorrent” to give any slack to the president. He argued the independent counsel had a duty to reveal explicit details of the affair between the president and his intern so that Congress could decide on impeachment.

He outlined ten questions about the president’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, seven of which asked pointed questions about sexual acts that allegedly occurred in the Oval Office.

“Aren’t we failing to fulfill our duty to the American people if we willingly ‘conspire’ with the President to conceal the true nature of his acts?” He wrote.

President Trump nominated Mr. Kavanaugh to fill former Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Supreme Court seat.

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