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December 3, 1986

SHREWSBURY, Vt. (AP) _ Mating season was over weeks ago and family differences have doomed the romance from the start, but a wild moose is still making cow eyes at a brown and white Hereford named Jessica.

When farm owner Larry Carrara spreads grain for his cows, the moose stands up and nudges a few cows aside to let Jessica eat.

″He always watches out for Jessica,″ Carrara said.

″When he falls in love, he doesn’t fall easily. He falls hard,″ said moose expert Charles Willey.

″He’s acting like he likes it here. He’s playing like a big shot,″ game warden Donald Gallus said Tuesday, 40 days after the love-struck moose wandered in to civilization.

Moose usually avoid humans, but this one has stayed even though he’s attracted 60,000 nosy people to Carrara’s farm near Shrewsbury, population 600.

Game wardens who said the moose would be gone weeks ago when the mating season ended now say it eventually will return to the wild, but they refuse to predict when.

″I’m through trying to outguess him,″ Gallus said.


COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - There’s no rule against smoking in the state House of Representatives, but what you wear could get you barred at the door.

The legislators approved a dress code Tuesday that requires women to wear a dress or skirt and men to wear a shirt and tie, no exceptions.

Rep. Sara Shelton said the rules were prompted by a ceremony last session in which a line of beauty queens wearing only bathing suits, high-heeled shoes and colored sashes were introduced inside the chamber.

″This is a place where something special happens,″ said Rep. Jean Toal, chairwoman of the Rules Committee, which sponsored the proposal. She said there should be ″a certain level of dignity and decorum ... and that includes how people dress.″

A proposal to ban smoking failed 61-54.


CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - The ″Mayor McCheese″ abduction caper is over, and someone using a name from a rival burger chain’s advertising has claimed responsibility.

The mayor, a 5-foot-6-inch statue with a head like an cheeseburger, was swiped late Monday from a McDonald’s restaurant, but turned up Tuesday in a playground several miles away, with a note attached:

″Our fun is over, so don’t prosecute please,

″We’ve given you back your Mayor McCheese.″

Police Sgt. Dallas Staples said the note was signed ″Herb,″ the name of the fictional character created by the rival Burger King chain for a series of advertisements.

McDonald’s manager Gary Layne said the theft was the first from his restaurant.

″We had some characters called ‘Hamburglars’ and they were stolen, too,″ he said.

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