TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas officials worry there could be technical problems when a long-awaited, multimillion-dollar computer system for issuing and tracking 2 million driver's license records launches next year.

The Kansas Department of Revenue plans to launch the computer system in January, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported .

The department attempted to introduce the vehicle registration system in 2012 but had performance problems. Issues included computer malfunctions and long lines for customers getting license tags.

Officials said avoiding similar problems with the new computer system is going to be a challenge.

Rep. Kyle Hoffman, R-Coldwater, said he's puzzled by the revenue department's shortcomings with introducing computer systems that affect so many taxpayers. He said it'll be distressing if the system falls short of public expectations.

"Do you have an answer whether or not you think we're going to have those same problems?" Hoffman asked the department. "Or do you think because of the monitoring you guys have done, we're going to be relatively problem-free?"

Rachel Whitten, spokeswoman for Revenue Department Secretary Sam Williams, said the agency's current leadership will make sure the project is managed "so that key milestones are met."

"Implementation will occur at the appropriate time to ensure the new system works for Kansans," Whitten said.


Information from: The Topeka (Kan.) Capital-Journal,