ST. LOUIS (AP) — A St. Louis man is the new tenant of a tiny apartment with a unique layout — the kitchen and bathroom are in the same place.

Yep. The toilet, bathtub, oven and sink are all in one room. The 200-square-foot (18.5-sq. meter) apartment is in St. Louis' tony Central West End.

The ad and photo for the $525-per-month apartment appeared on several websites and had people flush with excitement. Harold Karabell of S.F. Shannon Real Estate Management says the new tenant loves it.

The 111-year-old building originally housed 12 luxury apartments. Karabell says that around the time of the Great Depression, it was remade into 50 small units, the studio the smallest among them.

Toilet/kitchen combo aside, Karabell says the apartment has a lot to like, including refinished hardwood floors and new windows.


How long does it take to change a light bulb? Well, according to fed-up counsel at Westminster Magistrates' Court, far too long.

Disgruntled defence barrister Robert Katz was so frustrated by what he saw as evidence of Britain's crumbling courts that he took up his gripe with Senior District Judge Emma Arbuthnot, saying a missing light bulb in the consultation rooms meant he was forced to work in darkness or by laptop screen light.

The room, for counsel to meet their clients, had apparently been virtually out of action since June, leading Judge Arbuthnot to say: "I've got half a mind to do it myself." The threat appeared to do the trick, with the chief magistrate telling the court later that the bulb would be fitted within a week.


London's Victoria & Albert Museum has announced the latest acquisition for its collection - a new type of Xbox controller.

Developed by Microsoft in consultation with players with limited mobility, the Xbox Adaptive Controller allows users with a range of abilities to play video games. The acquisition coincides with the V&A's new exhibition on video games, opening on Saturday, and is now on display in the museum's Rapid Response Collecting gallery. It explores how current global events, political changes and pop cultural phenomena impact, or are influenced by, design, art, architecture and technology.


Consumers should expect more "wonky veg" in the shops as a result of the drought conditions this summer, experts have said.

Professor Ian Holman, from Cranfield University, said: "There's likely to be smaller and less uniform vegetables. Consumers will be noticing a change in the uniformity and sizes of vegetables after the drought, in theory, has ended because it has started to rain.

"There's no doubt these extreme events make it much more challenging for farmers to produce the sizes and visual crop quality that consumers have grown to expect


THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (AP) — A litter of blue-eyed mountain lion kittens has been discovered in Southern California's Santa Monica Mountains, but researchers believe they are the product of inbreeding, a serious problem for the population isolated by a major freeway.

The National Park Service said Tuesday the two males and two females appeared to be in good health when they were checked by biologists, who took tissue samples and placed ear tags on the kittens, now known as P-70, P-71, P-72 and P-73.

The service is studying how cougars survive in fragmented habitat.

The kittens' mother is 8-year-old P-19 and the father is believed to be P-56, her grandson.