Officers share coffee with the community

October 4, 2018

In an effort to break down barriers, police officers from Rome and Floyd County as well as members from the sheriff’s office met at The Sweet Bar on Wednesday to talk with community members in a casual atmosphere.

The event was put together by Floyd County police Sgt. Chris Fincher, who, after doing research about the national program Coffee with a Cop, contacted management at The Sweet Bar. He hopes this will be the first of many more community meetings such as this.

“We will have more if this is successful,” he said.

The off-duty officers were able to hang out and greet people as they came and went from the bakery; making casual conversation and helping whenever they could.

Floyd County Police Chief Mark Wallace said he is trying to amp up their public presence and get to know the public at the same time. Something, he said, will create a positive change between the public and the police force.

“I would say it has been a success just based on the quality of interaction,” Wallace said.

Some people came by just to shake their hands he said; others who were unaware of the event taking place thanked him and his fellow officers for their service. Wallace gave out stickers, rulers and armbands to any kids who came in for a treat.

Fincher said that although the date and place for the next Coffee with a Cop is unclear, he would like to stick with popular locally owned places in the community. He said all suggestions are welcome and can be suggested through any of Floyd County Police Department’s social media accounts.

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