Beware of power lines during harvest season

October 3, 2018

COLUMBUS - The harvesting season is here and farmers are reminded to be aware of what’s above them.

The Nebraska Public Power District’s Media Relations Specialist Grant Otten says farm operators need to “look up and look out” for power lines.

Otten says hitting power lines becomes a significant hazard as farmers begin moving tall equipment back out to the fields.

“You need to sit in your vehicle and call for help by trying to get a hold of either 911 or your local power utility so they can come to turn off the power line and make sure it’s de-energized” Otten said.

He says if you’re forced to exit the vehicle, the appropriate action is to jump – not step – with both feet landing on the ground at the same time, and then shuffle your feet away from the vehicle at least another 20 feet.

Otten recommends always having your local utility’s phone number already programmed into your cell phone. If it’s NPPD, that number is 877-ASK-NPPD.

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