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Names In The Game

April 10, 1997

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Fashion critic Mr. Blackwell does not like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ new uniform.

``I’m disappointed that the team went from a winking pirate _ something slightly whimsical _ to a logo that’s mean and angry,″ he said.

``We’ve had enough of that in movies. Red stands for anger and the skull means death. Why must we produce more anger, more meanness and more hatred?

``Why? Why? Why?″

``Of course, football uniforms are not fashion. ... They are merely coverups for all that padding, to keep those kids from getting hurt.″


STOKE-ON-TRENT, England (AP) _ It’s getting so that 72-year-old Suzi Toft can produce a hole-in-one almost on demand.

Last week, Toft shot a hole-in-one at the Trentham Golf Course. Seconds later, her opponent in the match-play tournament _ 60-year-old Jill Dyke _ scored an ace on the same 116-yard fourth hole.

Bookmakers Ladbrokes at the time put the odds of back-to-back holes-in-one by such amateurs at 100 million-to 1.

On Wednesday, a television crew went out to film the two women play and Toft, who has been playing for 47 years, did it again.

With cameras rolling, she knocked her 5-wood into the cup.

``It really is absolutely out of this world,″ said Toft, who has a 20 handicap. ``We were demonstrating on the fourth tee how we did it and my ball went straight in again.″

``I feel absolutely brilliant. Everyone was simply stunned.″

Dyke then stepped up and almost got another, driving to within 12 inches of the hole


LAS VEGAS (AP) _ Andre Agassi was the star as dozens of youngsters turned out for a sneak preview of a new Boys and Girls Club bearing his name.

The $2.2 million facility includes an indoor gym, library, computer lab and lighted outdoor basketball and tennis courts.

Agassi, who is from Las Vegas, toured the club in 1994 and pledged his financial support to build a new 20,000-square-foot recreation center and support facilities.

The money was raised through the Andre Agassi Foundation, with other contributors taking part.


TORONTO (AP) _ Shawn O’Sullivan will not box again until the Ontario athletic commissioner is satisfied that the 1984 Olympic silver medal winner is healthy.

Concern over the Toronto middleweight’s neurological health centers around a letter commissioner Ken Hayashi received from the Edmonton boxing commission last week.

After winning a unanimous decision over Edmonton journeyman Robbie Stowell on March 27, O’Sullivan was interviewed on camera and there were times when he rambled and his speech was incoherent.

But O’Sullivan, 34, said his words often run together.

``I am guilty sometimes of not clearly or slowly articulating each word,″ O’Sullivan said. ``But heck, that’s kind of a cultural, sort of Irish thing. I run my words together. To be honest, my mind goes like 90 mph and my mouth might go 80.″

O’Sullivan believes that concerns of the Edmonton commission are more related to payback and not his health. During the fight, O’Sullivan’s manager John Cardillo was warned about his screaming and yelling and later fined.

``I think the commission in Alberta is doing this through me to get to someone else,″ said O’Sullivan, 23-5. ``I do have a problem with that. If you want to get somebody, why don’t you fine someone a substantial amount and leave me alone? Don’t use me as a pawn.″


SPLIT, Croatia (AP) _ Goran Ivanisevic broke three little bones of the middle finger of his right hand but will try to continue playing in tennis tournaments.

Ivanisievic, ranked fifth in the world and winner of 19 career titles, slammed the door on his finger at his apartment.

The left-handed Ivanisevic, a two-time Wimbledon finalist, uses a two-hand backhand stroke.

Doctors suggested that Ivanisevic take a one-month break, but he rejected the idea.

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