SEICAA and United Way of Southeastern Idaho live united

February 7, 2019

What is a Community Action Agency?

A Community Action Agency is a nonprofit organization that conducts a wide variety of social services in order to help low-income people break the cycle of poverty and become self-sufficient. In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Economic Opportunity Act which created CAAs (Community Action Agencies). The Act grew out of the belief that local communities know best what their community’s challenges re and how to work together to overcome them.

CAAs sponsor food banks, programs for the elderly, youth programs, legal services, affordable housing, family development and job training. CAAs are funded through a combination of federal, state and local grants, and donations from individuals.

SEICAA’s History

SEICAA began as a small group of volunteers who began serving noon meals to seniors in 1963. Although it was a day-to-day struggle to keep the program alive, these dedicated volunteers managed to continue serving meals by buying for the current day with proceeds from the previous day’s donations.

In 1968, Bannock County proposed a combination recreation and social service neighborhood center with opportunities for seniors and low-income youth. It was soon to be know as Southeastern Idaho Community Action Agency, and was formally incorporated in 1969.

SEICAA’s Mission

SEICAA is dedicated to providing opportunity and support for individuals and communities to thrive and reach their fullest potential, promoting self-sufficiency and greater economic independence through services, education, affordable housing and training.

Partnership with United Way

SEICAA and United Way have a long-standing partnership to provide quality services to constituents of southeastern Idaho through programs such as Meals on Wheels, SEICAA and United Way work collectively to ensure the continuation of home delivered meals to homebound seniors and/or disabled individuals. Additionally, through programs such as Community and Veteran Services, SEICAA and United Way’s partnership provides assistance to low-income participants working to obtain a greater level of self-sufficiency in obtaining

and/or maintaining safe and affordable housing. SEICAA and United Way actively work together to provide youth focused educational services and outcomes through participation in after school activities and assisting with the purchase of school supplies conducive to productive learning.

Getting Involved

SEICAA offers a variety of programs and services through several departments. Volunteer time is vital to the organization’s ability to continue to provide quality services to southeastern Idaho. In 2018 alone, over 400 individuals volunteered 35,000 hours of their time to assist the Agency in successfully providing services to 28,000 low-to-moderate-low income individuals in southeastern Idaho. If you are interested in volunteering at SEICAA please contact us at 208-232-1114 or via email at information@seicaa.org

Debra Hemmert has been the CEO of SEICAA for nearly two decades. Since her time as the Agency’s leader, SEICAA has established and strengthened partnerships that enable SEICAA to work collectively among the communities to provide quality services to the constituents. Hemmert has dedicated her career in developing and implementing vital programs that promote asset building and self-sufficiency and continue to meet the specific needs of the communities. Hemmert graduated from Idaho State University in (year) with a degree in Marketing.

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