DeVos yacht untied, Trump tied up: Darcy cartoon

July 29, 2018

DeVos yacht untied, Trump tied up: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A yacht belonging to the family of U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was untied and sent adrift early last Sunday morning while docked in Huron, Ohio.   Meanwhile, the Trumptanic was tied even tighter this week to Port Putin.

The crew of the DeVos yacht “Seaquest” awoke to discover it adrift on Lake Erie.  Before they were able to bring it under control, the yacht sustained damage estimated up to $10,000 from hitting the dock, according to the Huron Police Department.

Police do not know if the vandal, or vandals, who untied the yacht were aware it belonged to DeVos’ family.   It’s one of 10 vessels they own.

However, prior to the yacht being untied, The Sandusky Register did report that it was docking in Huron and owned by DeVos.  

In the past, I’ve seen other mega yachts like Seaquest docked in Huron, Vermilion and the Catawba Island Club.   It’s not really unusual since it’s a tourist area with the islands and Cedar Point nearby. 

DeVos is a controversial figure and it can fairly be argued that she’s sent the U.S. Dept. of Education adrift.  That, of course, would not be justification for sending the yacht adrift, endangering those on board and nearby, along with property.   

The Huron police caution it could have just as easily been some intoxicated revelers coming out of local establishments, instead of someone politically motivated.

Cohen ties Trump to Collusion

This week, President Trump appeared to be tied even closer to Vladimir Putin and collusion in the 2016 presidential.   It was reported that Michael Cohen was willing to testify to Robert Mueller that Trump had prior-knowledge about the infamous meeting between Donald Trump Jr., Robert Manafort, Jared Kushner and Russian operatives promising to deliver dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Cohen, and his attorney Lanny Davis, denied being the source of the story.   Speculation immediately shifted to the Trump camp, specifically Rudy Giuliani.   The theory being the Trump camp leaked it to get ahead of the bad news and hurt Cohen’s credibility and chance to get a plea deal from Mueller.   I’m not convinced of that.

The report doesn’t help Cohen or the prosecutors .  But it hurts the president and Don Jr. far more than it hurts Cohen and the Mueller investigation. That’s why I don’t think the Trump camp leaked it. 

Trump denied having any prior knowledge about the meeting or being told about its outcome.   

If the claim can be verified, Don Jr. has perjured himself.   More grave, the claim demonstrates collusion between Trump,his campaign and Russia.

Story source could be someone other than Trump or Cohen camp.

Speculation focusing solely on either Cohen or Trump’s legal team being the source of the story ignores other viable sources.   

You can bet there were plenty of people in the Trump administration who were not happy with the president’s remarks in Helsinki.   One of those people may have been motivated to leak information about Trump’s prior knowledge of the 2016 meeting with Russians in Trump Tower.

Cohen reportedly wasn’t the only person in the room when Trump was said to be told  the meeting was going to take place, and the outcome of the meeting.   One of those other people could have been the source of the Cohen story this week.

It should be remembered that close Trump aides, like former Communications Director Hope Hicks, have already been interviewed by Mueller and his team.

Mueller may already know Trump had prior knowledge of the meeting and its outcome, from other interviews that he’s done.

While the week ended with good economic news for Trump, it was one of his worse weeks yet it terms of Russian investigation news.   On top of the Cohen developments, the Trump organizations longtime financial officer will now be interviewed by Mueller.

The Cohen news looks to be just the tip of the iceberg the Trumptanic is now hitting.

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