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24 Injured in Mexico City Raid

November 17, 2000

MEXICO CITY (AP) _ Police clashed with hundreds of street vendors in a rough Mexico City neighborhood Thursday during a raid to seize black market merchandise before Christmas, leaving two dozen injured.

One officer was shot, but his wound was not life-threatening, authorities said. Windows of police cars were smashed and dozens of vendors’ stands were destroyed in the daylong melee.

Some 1,500 officers surrounded Tepito neighborhood, firing tear gas at the crowd that was hurling bricks, rocks and sticks, and blocking streets. But police later withdrew and remained on the outskirts, local media reported.

Meanwhile, national TV networks showed dozens of people looting trucks that were stopped while carrying merchandise to stores. At least two of the trucks were set on fire.

Officers seized more than $300,000 in electronic goods and arrested 15 people in the operation, including nine police officers who were found allegedly protecting warehouses of stolen goods, local media reported.

Since Aztec times, Tepito has been one of the city’s principal commercial districts, where thousands hawk everything from stereos to soccer shirts on the street.

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