Warrenville man arrested after standoff with Aiken County deputies

April 2, 2019

A Warrenville man has been arrested following a kidnapping and domestic violence incident that spanned three days and ended Sunday afternoon in a standoff with the Aiken County Sheriff’s Department.

Jabarick Quiller, 23, has been charged with four felony counts for kidnapping, domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, grand larceny, and failure to stop for police.

On Saturday, March 30, police on Augusta Road noticed a female jump out of a vehicle and race towards their patrol car “waving her arms frantically,” according to reports from the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.

The vehicle sped off with police in pursuit. Deputies spoke with the female victim, who claimed the subject driving the vehicle, Quiller, had been holding her against her will since the previous night.

Quiller allegedly assaulted the victim by punching her and choking her while holding her against her will. She said he refused to let her leave the vehicle and held her captive at an acquaintance’s home for several hours.

The victim tried multiple times to escape by calling police while pretending to use the bathroom, but Quiller foiled all her attempts before she could give police a location. He also threatened to kill her multiple times, according to reports.

The victim escaped the vehicle when they encountered police on Augusta Highway. Quiller fled the scene in the victim’s vehicle and allegedly called her later to inform her she “wasn’t getting it back.”

According to the report, deputies ended up terminating the pursuit, as they were unable to locate Quiller and the victim was too “distraught” to provide additional information.

The following day, Sunday police received a call claiming the victim had likely been kidnapped again. The complainant said she had received a phone call from the victim, who used a coded distress word to signal she was in danger.

Deputies had previously visited a Keith Drive residence – before learning of the second alleged abduction – attempting to locate Quiller. The victim later stated she was being held in the residence at the time, but Quiller “made her be quiet” until police left the scene.

Upon receiving the complainant’s call, deputies traced the victim’s GPS back to the Keith Drive residence. When Quiller refused to cooperate with authorities, a SWAT team and negotiators were called to Keith Drive.

After several hours, Quiller let the victim leave the residence and then surrendered himself to deputies.

The victim told deputies Quiller abducted her the second time from her residence and brought her to the Keith Drive location. Deputies observed multiple injuries to the victim’s face, arms, and mouth, which she claimed resulted from Quiller physically assaulting her when she tried to flee from him.

Quiller was booked to the Aiken County detention center.