Dude. Be Nice. Beaver Dam Middle School students told nice is a good brand

February 8, 2019

Beaver Dam Middle School students were reminded Wednesday afternoon that kindness matters during their first assembly of the 2019.

Beaver Dam Police Department sponsored the presentation. Brent Camalick, founder of Dude. Be Nice., spoke to the students about building communities that support kindness, empathy and compassion. The California-based media company works toward promoting social minded video content while selling clothing with positive messages.

“Brands are pretty powerful,” Camalick said. “It influences how we think, feel and treat others.”

Beaver Dam resident Tom Heffron donated money to the Beaver Dam Police Department to support a school related program. Beaver Dam Middle School Police Liaison Officer Lisa Dake-Jones approached Beaver Dam Middle School Principal Christine Ziemann to see what program she would like to have in her building. Ziemann recommended the program.

Camalick brought up Nike and McDonalds to show how those products influence almost everyone.

“Nike is so powerful that they don’t even need a name,” Camalick said. “Everyone knows ‘Just do it’ and the Swoosh symbol.”

Camalick, who spoke to the sixth and seventh grade students in a separate assembly, told the eighth grade students that they set the tone for the school, and they all have the power to control their brand.

“Every single one of you have your brand and what you represent,” Camalick said. “You have your style, who you follow and who you listen to. But the greatest indication of your brand is how you make others feels about themselves.”

Camalick reminded the student that insults on social media affect others as much as if they would insult someone in person.

Camalick brought a student up at both assemblies who were picked by the school administration and represented the positive traits that he had talked about during the assembly.

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