PREVO Recognizes Five Private Clubs as America’s Greenest Clubs™

December 18, 2018

San Juan Capistrano, CA, Dec. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (San Juan Capistrano, CA) – Prevo Health Solutions (PREVO), a mindful-living solutions provider and Executive Producer of America’s Healthiest Clubs™ announces the America’s Greenest Club’s™ certification and awards five private clubs.

Rick Ladendorf, PREVO’s founder explains, “Being mindful of the environment is important to an increasing population of staff, members and community members. Being eco-friendly also contributes to the club’s bottom-line as many prospective members are drawn to clubs that are purpose-driven. Private clubs that embrace eco-friendly initiatives continue to see an increase in brand recognition as they are known as “good neighbors”. The return on investment for the club can be measured in many ways from the impact on the carbon footprint, reduced turnover, enhanced recruitment efforts and a better member experience.”

Prevo’s proprietary algorithms, standards and scoring system extends beyond a simple checklist of the eco-friendly initiatives the club has in place. The proprietary Green Score™ considers the club’s strategy, collaborative governance, internal and external communications, the use of technology and the intangibles that helps to establish the club’s culture and overall sustainability.

Rick adds, “While other Green awards and designations are focused exclusively on the WHAT, America’s Greenest Clubs, focuses on the WHY. And for many club’s the WHY is as simple as doing the right thing. But at the end of the day, being known as an eco-friendly club is an attractive quality and attribute that appeals to a large population in the community and by default, helps attract prospective members and staff through purpose.”

We are proud to recognize the first five recipients of the America’s Greenest Clubs designation, as follows;

-- Bonita Bay Club, Bonita Springs, FL. Dan Miles General Manager/COO -- Venice Golf & Country Club, Venice, FL Jim Schell General Manager -- Broken Sound Club, Boca Raton, FL John Crean General Manager/COO -- Frenchman’s Creek Beach & Country Club Ashal Goswami General Manager/COO -- Sawgrass Country Club C.W. Cook General Manager/COO

Dan Miles, General Manager of Bonita Bay Club in Naples Florida was the first private club to earn the designation and continues to push the envelope. Bonita Bay Club recently hired Curtis Tyrell from Medinah Country Club IL as their new Golf Course Superintendent. Curtis will continue the green initiatives and will assist Dan with stewarding environmental practices that reduce water consumption, improve soil structures, reduce or eliminate pesticides all while providing the members a quality product.

Jim Schell, General Manager of Venice Golf & Country Club, Venice, FL says, “We take pride in living in harmony with nature… today and for future generations to come”. Under Jim’s direction, the Club has taken a leadership role in the private club industry and excels in water resource management, energy management, and recycling among others. A few specific examples are: hot water is generated by the hot gasses created by our freezers and A/C compressors, the use of geothermal heat pumps to heat the pool, LED lighting in our street lamps, Clubhouse and parking lots, occupancy sensors for lighting and thermostat controls, computer controlled temperature schedules, demand control ventilation in the Clubhouse and kitchen, electric golf cart charging system scheduled for off peak demand periods, and the utilization of storm water for irrigation purposes. All of these actions reduce energy use and operating expenses and have a very short payback. All purchase decisions are based on three elements: members’ desires, cost, and environmental impact.”

Under his leadership, John Crean, General Manager/COO of the Broken Sound Club in Boa Raton, FL, became one of the premier country club communities in South Florida and a leader in environmental issues. Broken Sound Club was the first club in Florida and only the second club in the United States to become GEO certified by the Scotland-based Golf Environment Organization. In addition to the GEO certification, Broken Sound is also certified by the Audubon Sanctuary, implemented the first industrial compost program in Florida by installing a Composter/Digester which reduces the green and food waste and produces refined compost with organic fertilizer qualities, uses reclaimed water through the City of Boca Raton, uses solar power and energy saving devices and recycling of cardboard and plastic bottles. As an example of his continuing commitment to the environment, upon hearing of the dying honey bee population, Mr. Crean had bee hives installed on both golf courses surrounded by wild flowers. Starting with one hive, it has now grown to 22 hives on both courses under the supervision of professional beekeepers. The all-natural honey supplied from these hives is then put into jars and given out to the club membership. The club recycles 96% of everything on property and since joining Broken Sound Club, John Crean has developed a club culture where the stakeholders understand and support the club’s vision of being environmentally friendly.


Prevo Health Solutions mission is to help clubs define their purpose, enhance the club’s brand/image and co-author/promote your club’s newsworthy stories that stem from being mindful of the Brand, the Business, People, the Planet and the Community. Unlike other “Green” certifications, Prevo focuses on the impact being green has on relevancy, recruitment and retention of both members and staff.

Prevo Health Solutions, Inc., Executive Producer of America’s Greenest and Healthiest Clubs™, is the private club industry’s premier mindful-living solutions provider with expertise in wellness, environmental stewardship and mindfulness. Our mission is to improve the overall health of the private club industry through education and sharing of best practices. For more information call 888-321-1804 or email info@prevohealth.com

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