Salt on icy sidewalks can damage concrete

January 19, 2019

OMAHA - It will be a good weekend to stay home for those who live in the northern and eastern part of the state.Mike Dowling is with Ace Hardware in Omaha and says whenever snow is in the forecast they are busy. Their biggest selling item is salt or ice melt for slick sidewalks and driveways. He says many people don’t realize that product can damage concrete.Dowling says, “If it is newer you don’t want to put too much salt on it or any salt on it. You will want to stick with a sand based product. As far as the salt portions, the biggest thing is not putting too much down. Believe it or not, too much will harm it more than anything. You will want to stay with light moderation amounts.” He adds too much salt products can also harm the grass near the sidewalk and other vegetation.When snow is in the forecast, Dowling says ice melt, salt and sand are his top sellers. He also sees a rush on snow shovels. That is followed by snow blowers.

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