Letter to the editor: Supporting socialism is supporting democracy

September 30, 2018

Letter-writer the Rev. Tony Joseph is not scaring anyone from socialism by trying to use it as a dirty word (“Democrat socialists terrifying,” Aug. 21, TribLIVE). It’s not a taboo anymore.

As he correctly points out, increasing numbers of people are openly embracing democratic socialism -- and for good reason. Democratic socialism is the one game in town that is fiercely committed to defending public goods in order to meet the human needs of all people, and is committed to fighting the vicious racism and bigotry that is rampant in this country and continues to inflict violence.

The GOP is actively opposed to public goods and is intent on scapegoating people of color, immigrants and just about anyone other than the capitalists and their massive over-accumulation of wealth as the reason why jobs aren’t paying well and our public institutions are running out of money. The Democratic Party, meanwhile, has utterly failed in its alleged mission of defending people against the GOP, and members have made themselves complicit with them.

To support democratic socialism is to support a better standard of living, fully functional public goods, and a society that provides for all and treats all people with respect and compassion. To support democratic socialism is to support democracy as a whole.

Stirling Sorrow


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