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NOW Eyes Anti-Abortionist’s Miles

January 22, 1998

NEW YORK (AP) _ In an effort to collect court-ordered penalties owed by anti-abortion activist Randall Terry, a women’s advocacy group said Wednesday it has asked several airlines to hand over his frequent flyer miles.

The National Organization for Women Legal Defense and Education Fund has urged 13 airlines to freeze the accumulated mileage earned by the founder of Operation Rescue and turn it over to NOW.

``It’s about time that Terry and Operation Rescue had their wings clipped,″ said attorney Martha Davis, the legal director of the New York-based fund.

Davis said Terry should pay them some of the millions of dollars in fines levied against him and his associates for actions against abortion clinics in the past decade.

Terry, who is running for Congress in upstate New York, said he planned to ``fight this through the courts to the end.″

``These people are baby killers and they are grandstanding,″ he said in a telephone interview from Washington.

Terry helped build Operation Rescue into a national force, using human blockades and demonstrations to disrupt abortion clinic operations.

In 1992, he spent five months in prison for contempt after an Operation Rescue member defied a court order and presented then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton with an aborted fetus at the Democratic National Convention in New York.

Terry and Operation Rescue owe at least $500,000 in court-ordered fines in connection with lawsuits brought by the fund in Washington and New York.

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