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Four of Six Rescued Whales Die

August 15, 1986

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) _ Four of six pilot whales saved from a mass beaching in the Florida Keys have died at Sea World of Florida, an official said Friday.

Preliminary necropsy results show the animals suffered from pneumonia, some parasitic infections and complications resulting from exposure to the sun, said Edward D. Asper, vice president and general curator for Sea World of Florida.

The short-finned pilot whales were part of a pod of 21 whales found beached near the resort community of Sugarloaf Shores on Aug. 8.

Six were taken to Sea World. Despite efforts to stabilize and feed the whales, four have died in the last two days, Asper said.

Sea World continues to house two critically ill pilot whales from the Sugarloaf Shores beaching and a black whale that is the sole survivor of a pod of 27 whales that beached in the Florida Keys on June 5.

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