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Man Accused of Stabbing Father To Death, Eating His Brain

December 27, 1995

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ A man stabbed his father to death with a Swiss Army knife, dismembered the body and ate part of the brain in an attempt to free what he believed were evil spirits, police said.

Joseph Garner, 37, was charged with murder and was being held for psychiatric evaluation.

He told police that he stabbed Paul Garner, 76, in the back Tuesday morning with a knife he had given his father for Christmas.

``He said that he was trying to free spirits that were living inside his father’s body. He could hear them, the evil spirits, calling to be released and so he did that by cutting his father open,″ Marion County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Scott Minier said Tuesday.

Garner told police he took a shower after the killing and went to free spirits from a neighbor’s body, too. But the neighbor did not answer the door, so Garner pulled down Christmas decorations from the door and drove away.

After making a wrong turn and getting his car stuck in a snowbank, he stopped at a church for help, and the pastor drove him to the police department. During the ride, Garner told the pastor he had killed his father, police said.

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