JWoww introduces new boyfriend to kids

May 28, 2019

Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley has already introduced her new boyfriend to her children.

The ‘Jersey Shore’ star has only been dating 24-year-old wrestler Zack Clayton Carpinello a matter of weeks, but she obviously thinks they’re in it for the long haul as she’s wasted no time introducing him to her kids; Meilani, four, and Greyson, three - despite only splitting from their dad Roger Mathews six months ago.

Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, Zack said: “I’ve spent a lot of time with the kids. I’ve known Meilani for a few years. She’s known me for a couple years, she is great with me. I love the kids. They’re great.”

JWoww, 33, added: “Greyson calls him ‘Baby,’ so he’s always like, ‘Hi, Baby!’ and Meilani’s always known him as [my friend] Erica’s brother, so that’s how I wanted to keep it with the kids, so it’s not an awkward transition. So, they’ve just always known him as one of our really close friends ... [ Meilani] honestly probably likes him more than me at this point, because he’s cooler and will do a lot more. And I’m like, the mom yelling in the background. But it’s fine. I’ll let him have his moments.”

Although they’ve only been officially boyfriend and girlfriend a short while, the pair have actually known each other for ages as Zack is JWoww’s best friend’s brother.

JWoww explained: “She’s been one of my friends since I was 15, and I met her in the principal’s office because we both got in trouble. And cut to 20 years later, I’m now dating her brother, so it’s fun. But I loved him way before like, falling in love with him, because I always wanted to see him succeed. He’s one of my best friend’s brothers. But even outside of that, I just adore his company. Even if he doesn’t like something, he goes above and beyond and wants to experience it with me -- watching like, ‘Game of Thrones’, or going to Disney, or doing something fun and interesting. So, it’s something I haven’t had, which I appreciate.”

And even her estranged husband Roger, 43, is pleased for her and Zack.

He said recently: “He seems like a terrific guy and they seem to really be happy, and I’m very happy for them.”

JWoww filed for divorce from Roger, whom she married in 2015, in September.

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