How much did your favorite team make from March Madness?

March 28, 2019

The NCAA Tournament is big business for universities and conferences. How big? According to the Associated Press, in 2018 the NCAA paid conferences $216 million.

How much did your favorite school or conference make? Search data from 1997-2018 and see how much they earned. Search by year, conference, team or a combination of criteria. Blank spaces in payouts mean the disbursement was unclear or unknown. Tournament wins indicates how many games that school won that year (six for champions). Only schools that made the NCAA Tournament are included in this search.

Data acquired by the Associated Press. The dollar figures come from the NCAA, which reports the amount of money distributed under its Basketball Performance Fund and Equal Conference Fund. The Equal Conference Fund is paid out to every conference participating in the tournament, and the Basketball Performance Fund is paid out for wins in the tournament up to the Final Four (no additional funds are paid for the semifinals or final).