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Thatcher Meets Mitterrand and Kohl in Preparation for Moscow Trip

March 24, 1987

BONN, West Germany (AP) _ British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher met Monday with French and West German leaders in preparation for her trip to Moscow later this week.

She told reporters her talks with Chancellor Helmut Kohl in Bonn and with French President Francois Mitterrand in Caen, France, earlier in the day focused on disarmament and recent political reform moves in the Soviet Union.

Mrs. Thatcher is scheduled to leave Saturday for a five-day visit to the Soviet Union.

″In questions of security and modern weapons, nothing must be left to chance,″ she told reporters in Bonn. On disarmament, she said the principles of equal balance of forces, trust and control are ″indispensable.″

Kohl, who also spoke with the reporters, said West European consultations on disarmament were important because recent American and Soviet arms control proposals have placed ″a lot in motion and no one knows exactly where things are going.″

The United States and the Soviet Union are holding a series of negotiations in Geneva, with one dealing on proposals to eliminate medium-range nuclear missiles from Eastern and Western Europe.

Mrs. Thatcher had earlier consultations with Italian government officials, British sources in Bonn said, and she will telephone President Reagan before leaving for Moscow.

She arrived in Bonn at midafternoon from Caen and left in the evening for London.

Mitterrand said after his meeting with Mrs. Thatcher, ″The concern for assuring security in Europe was our principal theme.″ But he said they also discussed the Middle East and European problems, including an eventual increase in funding for the European Economic Community, or Common Market.

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