Letter to the editor: Lamb is a sheep

November 18, 2018

Conor Lamb is a sheep in Nancy Pelosi’s clothing. As the Dims herded Lamb into Pelosi’s pen earlier this year, Lamb quickly followed Pelosi’s lead to become a full-fledged “resist and obstruct,” do-nothing Dim. He watched how Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer screw over the non-elitists, and quickly applied these techniques to vulnerable Western Pennsylvania “subjects.”

We can’t let this lemming have any future opportunities to shepherd us toward his and their “resist and obstruct” criminal behavior. Sleepy Sen. Bob Casey probably also primed him on how to collect money while doing nothing.

We must vote for Keith Rothfus for Congress in the 17th District. This will keep the district great and above the Dims’ “resist and obstruct” vitriol. We don’t need a Lamb in Pelosi’s clothing to “resist and obstruct” any of our constitutional rights and privileges.

Vote for Rothfus to assure that we can aspire to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” without having the ”(Lamb’s) wool pulled over our eyes.”

Donald Panian


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