‘Shadow Empire’ to be show starting Friday at Pocatello Seventh-day Adventist Church

September 27, 2018

One man, Constantine, ignited a global movement that forever affected the relationship between church and state. During these four sessions, discover the consequences of a church driven by the government and explore what that means for our lives today.

Key benefits:

Understand why the world is falling into darknessGrasp God’s plan of hope for humanityDiscover the evidence God will act soonGain the tools you and your family need to survive the coming crisisFind peace and joy in your life today

This video series, “Shadow Empire” by Shawn Boonstra of the Voice of Prophecy will be presented beginning Friday at 7 p.m. at the Pocatello Seventh-day Adventist Church, 253 Valleyview Drive. Refreshments will be served after the video. Admission is free.

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