Amid Philly’s heroin crisis, is it crazy to stage a play at Kensington and Allegheny?

September 5, 2018

By Staff

This story is part of an occasional series on the Kensington Storefront, an art-based intervention on the front lines of Philadelphia’s opioid epidemic. Part One covered the launch. Part Two examined what it takes to make art with people in the throes of addiction. Part Three was about the struggle to make a visual impact in a community marked by blight. Part Four looked at how the hub functions as a harm-reduction space in lieu of interventions like safe-injection sites.

As the setting sun did what it could to enchant the litter-strewn landscape of Allegheny Avenue, Darlene Ramage, 55, found her mark on the gas-station-parking-lot-turned-stage, kicked a Pepsi can out of the way, and raised her voice above the din of street traffic.

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