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Manager Earl Weaver, concerned about the continuing slump of

July 20, 1985

BALTIMORE (AP) _ Manager Earl Weaver, concerned about the continuing slump of Baltimore’s pitching, conducted a closed-door meeting with members of the staff for about 40 minutes Saturday after the Orioles dropped a 7-5 decision to the Kansas City Royals.

Weaver described the meeting, also attended by pitching coach Ken Rowe and bullpen coach Elrod Hendricks as prodcutive, but then added: ″We won’t know that until we see some results.″

″It was amicable,″ Weaver insisted. ″There was no chewing out. We’re trying to find out what we can do to improve ourselves. Points were brought up and discussed.″

Weaver, who has posted a 15-17 record since he ended 21/2 years of retirement and returned as manager, called the meeting after the Orioles dropped 10-3 and 7-5 decisions to Kansas City. Baltimore’s team earned run average of 4.44 is the club’s worst at this stage of the season since 1956.

″We’ve got to find out something to keep us in the games,″ Weaver said. ″They (the pitchers) know what they have to do, and it was agreed upon.″

Veteran Mike Flanagan, who made his first start of the season after recovering from a torn Achilles tendon suffered during the offseason, called the conference ″a team meeting ... a confidence meeting.″

″We’re trying to resume the Oriole tradition by going back to being aggressive, confident people,″ Flanagan said. ″We’ve been trying to be too fine, and falling behind. We’ve got to be more aggressive early in the count.″

Flanagan said the pitching slump was comparable to a batting slump, resulting in general loss of confidence.

″We’ve got to stay away from big innings ... that’s been hurting us,″ Flanagan said. ″When we give up three-four-five runs in an inning, that takes us out of the game.″

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