Flexibility, affordability, and ease of use define Foam-Control PLUS+ from ACH Foam Technologies

May 15, 2018

DENVER, May 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Every roof presents a unique set of challenges to designers and builders when it reaches the end of its lifecycle and must be rehabilitated. Signature Roofing recently reroofed Maple Grove Elementary School a 1968, single-story, flat roof building with a lot of ponding bordering failure in 2015. The resolution required adding a significant amount of slope to get the roof to drain properly. Creating a consistent directionally controlled roof slope to eliminate ponding also requires working around rooftop mechanical units, skylights, and other protrusions using a customizable material. HSA and Signature Roofing turned to ACH Foam Technologies’ Foam-Control® PLUS+® tapered roof insulation. Made from expanded polystyrene (EPS), Foam-Control® PLUS+® is an architectural insulation product line with high compressive strengths, high R-values, and exceptional moisture resistance.

“Using the tapered crickets from ACH Foam Technologies, we built up the slope of the roof from the middle,” says Shane VonWald, Signature Roofing’s Project Manager. VonWald oversaw the installation of some 250,000 board-feet of Foam-Control® PLUS+® 150 to get the roof to drain properly. “This was a compound slope situation. Several low spots forced us to add two feet of parapet wall, building up higher than we originally expected to get the slope we needed.” The Signature Roofing team used a hand-held hot wire cutter to shape the expanded polystyrene insulation to fit around the mechanical equipment and roof drains, all of which also had to be raised to account for the new roof height.

VonWald suggests that in addition to being somewhat less expensive than polyiso insulations, he also appreciates that Foam-Control® PLUS+® is easier to install. “It is faster, with polyiso you have to build up layer after layer to get your roof-height. With Foam-Control® PLUS+®, a single piece is 12 inches deep and you can do it all in one shot.” Not having to build up layers saves time and money and reduces material waste. On large roofs, with significant slope built-up of more than 3 or 4 inches the savings can be as much as 20% over polyiso products. Foam-Control® PLUS+® expanded polystyrene is face labeled, scored, and has superior R-value performance when exposed to moisture. ACH Foam Technologies backs all of the products with a 50-year R-value warranty.

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