Lucky, the stolen beagle puppy, has been found

August 18, 2018

Dogged investigation by the Nebraska Humane Society has paid off.

Lucky, a beagle pup stolen Aug. 3 in the midst of an eviction, has been found, said Mark Langan, vice president of field operations at the Humane Society.

“Humane Society investigators worked long and hard on this case, talked to many people and knocked on many doors,” Langan said.

He said the pup was reunited with its owner Friday morning, and both were very happy.

Langan said someone who asked to remain anonymous returned the dog to the Humane Society. He declined to go into further detail about the criminal investigation, including about whether investigators knew who took the dog.

The dog was stolen from an animal control van during an eviction. The Humane Society had been called to pick up Lucky and three other dogs at the residence because none of the residents were there.

“The dog is in great shape,” Langan said. “It’s a very lively puppy. It’s a happy ending to a sad story.”

Further details were not immediately available.

Officials have said there was no connection between the owner of the dog and the person who stole it. A $1,000 reward had been offered for the arrest of the thief and the return of the dog.

No arrest had been made as of Friday , Langan said.

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