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Studio Changes Name of Robert Taylor Building After Complaints

December 27, 1989

CULVER CITY, Calif. (AP) _ The Lorimar Studios changed the name of its Robert Taylor Building after tenants complained in a petition that the late actor testified before Congress against Hollywood figures.

The petitioners wanted Taylor’s name banished because he testified before the old House Un-American Activities Committee against the so-called Hollywood 10, writers alleged to have associated with communist organizations during the 1930s, ’40s or ’50s.

Taylor also was considered a supporter of the Hollywood blacklist that kept those writers from working under their own names.

Arnold Shupack, senior vice president and general manager of Lorimar, approved the name change on Nov. 15, his office said Wednesday.

Shupack changed the name of the building, containing mostly offices of people connected to the industry, to the George Cukor Building. Cukor directed most of his films on the movie lot that Lorimar took over from MGM.

Before MGM sold the lot, the 74-year-old building was called the Lion Building. Lorimar changed the names of the lot’s old buildings to honor former movie stars.

Taylor died of lung cancer in June 1969.

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