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Letters To The Editor 5/21/2019


No rush to war

Editor: Earlier this month, John Bolton, the national security adviser, in conjunction with acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan, ordered plans to be reviewed and updated for military action in the Middle East.

These plans, according to The New York Times, could involve as many as 120,000 troops being deployed in the event Iran takes aggressive action. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rushed to Europe to try to gain allies in this approach. He did not succeed. A senior British general stated that there is no increased risk from Iran or its allies.

Bolton has long sought to achieve regime change in Iran and escalation of actions toward Iran seems part of such a plan. President Trump unilaterally pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, which, by objective accounts, was working. Then, he tightened sanctions against Iran. He moved a naval force into the Persian Gulf area, without any specific rationale. As a result, Iranian patrol boats have increased activity in the gulf.

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