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Man Ready To Die For Killing Police Officer

July 7, 1985

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) _ When Henry Martinez Porter was 15, he branded himself with tattoos that proclaim ″HATE″ and ″LOVE″ across his fingers. When Valerie Mailloux was 15, her policeman brother was killed by the driver of a car he stopped.

Porter, the driver, is scheduled to be executed early Tuesday, after nearly eight years on Death Row, the second Texas execution in two weeks and the fifth this year unless last-minute efforts to save him are successful. He has asked his attorneys to take no such action.

After nearly 10 years, the hurt of her brother Henry’s death remains for Valerie Mailloux.

″I feel a very big void,″ she said. ″There are a lot of Christmases when we miss him. On Mother’s Day, on his birthday, my mother can’t help but cry.″

But for Porter, who insists the shooting was self-defense: ″I can accept whatever happens. It doesn’t do any good worrying about it.″

Each finger on his right hand has a letter inscribed in dark green, together they spell ″HATE.″ Similar tattoos on his left hand spell ″LOVE.″

″I put them on myself,″ Porter said Wednesday in a Death Row interview. ″Later, I found out I couldn’t take them off.″

This is the third execution date for Porter, a former San Antonio painter’s helper with a lengthy record.

″We have done everything we can do, short of some new evidence coming forth,″ said his lawyer, Dennis Tor. ″We have exhausted all of our legal avenues.

″Henry said he has accepted the fact, and he is at peace with himself. He doesn’t want to be disturbed with false hope because of (appeal) denials.″

Tor says the Nov. 29, 1975, shooting of Mailloux ″was not a heinous crime. This is not like the Candy Man (executed killer Ronald Clark O’Bryan), who poisoned his kid. There was very strong evidence of self defense.″

Mailloux stopped Porter’s car while investigating a string of convenience store robberies in Fort Worth.

″I was just about to get out of the car when he came running with the gun in his hand,″ Porter said. ″I just got scared or something. I automatically turned around and grabbed the gun. I felt he shot me in the side. It came out the other side. ...

″He grabbed the gun that I had. And when we were struggling, that’s when I shot him. It hit him on the chest.″

Porter, who was not seriously wounded, was arrested three days later in San Antonio.

Ms. Mailloux calls Porter’s self-defense argument ″a bunch of bunk.″

″That’s a lie and he knows it, but my brother can’t even defend himself,″ she said.

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