Get to Know: Celina Rodriguez

November 20, 2018

Name: Celina Rodriguez

Birth place: Sunnyside

Age: 25

Occupation: Program assistant

Residence: Burlington

Family: Oldest of three children: sister Katie, 20; brother Julian, 13. Mom and Dad, David and Anita Rodriguez. Significant other, Dominique. Niece, Aminah.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in public relations, Central Washington University

Job description: “I work in the department of basic education and transitional studies at Skagit Valley College, assisting students who are working towards obtaining their high school diploma, learning English, and transitioning into the college.”

Favorite food: Enchiladas.

If you could be any age for the week, what age would it be? “Whichever age I finally land my dream job, so I can see what I have to look forward to and use it as motivation to continue to work hard.”

What is something you constantly lose track of? Time.

Favorite book: “What Alice Forgot.”

Favorite movie: “’The Heat.’ It will never not be as funny as the first time.”

What is the longest you have ever gone without sleep? “48 hours. Finals week. Senior year.”

If you had been named after a city, state, country, what would you want it to be? “Maybe Vienna.”

Have you ever tipped over a cow? “No, but I lived in Ellensburg for four years. You know, cow tipping central.”

If you could spend a day with a celebrity, who would it be? “Beyonce. I need to know how she manages to be the queen of everything with the same 24 hours that us regular people have.”

What is your favorite breakfast food? Biscuits and gravy.

Mountains or the beach? “Beach. Palm trees make me happy.”

If you were trapped in a television show, which one would you choose? “’Scandal,’ as long as I get to be a gladiator.”

What was the last movie you saw? “I can’t even remember. I’m more of a binge-watch-a-show person. I’m currently watching ‘Dynasty.’”

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